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Finnegans Puddle

Site under contruction for the feature length movie release in 2024


The Wild West (of England).

Through this land of the free home of the rave poor Sinead Finnegan runs from her deranged boyfriend. 

To her Dad who just fell through a puddle in Bristol onto the Magic Roundabout in Swindon.


Life is... Life is now bollocks. Should she just take an opportunity to sail for Barbados?

Olivia Griffiths is the young lady playing Sinead whose just completed her Masters in method acting and is off the scale.

Kirris Rivier  Bristol legend, recently in A View From A Bridge At The Tobacco Factory and is great alongside Helen Mirren in Red 2.

Julia Deakin’s playing Nana who’s best known for starring as landlady Marsha in Simon Peggs Cult TV classic “Spaced”.


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E-Coli - Ievan Polka
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